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welcome to the innerSounds store\downloads

thanks for dropping by. here you find albums that i have released on my own label gloMuze, and other projects i have contributed to. you can download tracks directly from the bandcamp site. if you want to buy any  of the physical CDs, just click the PayPal button for secure payment handling.

please choose your rates (in Euro, shipping included):

ger: germany | eur: europe | pla: rest of the planet

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mp3 128k downloads are free.

(2009) download, pay-what-you-want (€ 7+)

2006  hattler

the big flow

hellmut hattler and other musicians

with f. glorian\didgeridoo\guzheng

2006 baseball

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didgeridoo\video at myspace >


(2007)  CD download (€ 9.99) \ CD at CDBaby

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(2005)  CD download (pay-what-you-want (€ 6+)

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to buy any of these CDs, simply click the CD cover and get directly linked to the online seller, or use the PayPal button.

2005 hattler

surround cuts\dvd

hellmut hattler and other musicians

with f. glorian\fujara\didge\guzheng

2005 baseball

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scion\video at myspace >

didgeridoo\video at myspace >


2004 dancing drums

north indian percussion

for rhythmical dance and movement

guru kelucharan mohapatra

mukesh sripadrao\manik munde

2004 glomuse\centre chakra

sample  tabla >


2003  blue planet sound

irish ragas & indian air

aine o chealleigh\brid crantich

daniel perret\friedrich glorian\marianne swasek

2003 daniel perret

samples  deus meus | aréir

more info >


2003  chakra

15 years of musical magic\double cd

Indian master musicians

live at chakra center\france

2003 glomuse\centre chakra

samples  raga malkauns | raga bhoopali

more info >


1990  raga kedar

ustad rahim fahimuddin khan

r.fahimuddin khan dagar\dhrupad vocal

lakshmi narayan pawar\pakhavaj

friedrich glorian\annkatrin jepsen\tanpuras

1990 jecklin\ch not available anymore

sample raga kedar >


1972\1998  prof. wolfff

70s german prog rock, with german lyrics and classical inspired instrumental parts.

1998 digipak reissue contains previous unreleased bonus material.

with friedrich glorian-herrmann\guit\voc

temporarily out of stock

vinyl reissue LP coming soon

more info and samples on myspace\prof. wolfff >


2003  the great stupa

various artists 2003 sound & silence

with sting\leonard cohen\joni mitchell

and 15 other artists.

a monument to human kindness.

also comes with an excellent booklet.

friedrich glorian with u:man:tek

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samples and more info on myspace >


2002  yoga nidra I\II\III (german)

yoga nidra ist eine systematische methode für

mentale, emotionale und physische entspannung.

geführte anleitung: swami prakashananda saraswati

friedrich glorian\tanpuras

2002 ananda verlag

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(2000)  CD download (€ 14.00)

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