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the guzheng, an ancient chinese string instrument, dates back over 4000 years dates back over 4000 years and has played an important role in chinese musical history as both a court and folk instrument. only recently it has been introduced into contemporary and experimental music.

fascinated by its pacifying sound, i love to play the guzheng in a rather meditative way. my studies of traditional music in india and a creative collaboration with indian musicians, took my playing the guzheng into an entirely different direction, applying the typical elements of raga music, like note bending, micro tonal intervals, playful ornaments, rhythmic patterns and the elaborated time cycles.

since playing the guzheng, i have been intrigued by the instrument’s limitless possibilities to create contemporary sound textures, sonic layers and chords.

recent experiments with live looping and electronic manipulation has lead to the concept of the ‘nuzheng’.

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