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current projects

glorian\myspace  experimental ambient electronica

glorian\ online radio                         


glorian\facebook music pages                         

innerSounds\myspace  relaxation, healing ambient

past projects

umantek\myspace  new age rock pop

prof. wolfff\myspace  70s german prog rock

prof. wolfff  official website

prof.wolfff\ online radio

razzia\myspace  70-80s rock\bavarian lyrics


perspektiven  multimedia dance installation

jens doering - video design \ friedrich glorian - soundscapes

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symptod\totentanz  multimedia performance

at the scan plus corporate office/ulm.germany.  vernissage performance for the arts exposition series 'kunst im treppenhaus' 10\2007

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symptod myspace >

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handsdancefeet  urban\contemporary\trad. musicdance

at the festival musicale del mediterraneo, genova 06\2007

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ulmisch 1 + 2 experimental musicdance performance

live music with friedrich glorian and ray kaczynski

at ulmisch, 05/2007, ulm.germany with strado compania danza >

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cajon duo  percussion improvisation

friedrich glorian and ray kaczynski

at ulmisch, 05/2007, ulm.germany >

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muensterglocken  multimedia performance

friedrich glorian  _ guzheng, percusion, live looping

jens doering _ live electronics

at ulmisch 05/2007, ulm.germany >

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setu.bandh  world music project

at the festival musicale del mediterraneo genoa/italy 2004

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indian music  morning raga (north indian)

prof. manfred junius.australia  surbahar

friedrich glorian.germany   pakhavaj

live concert at light of nature natural cosmetics

circledrumevent community drumming

at Ulmer Zelt Festival\ulm.germany

facilitated by friedrich glorian on circle drums by schlagwerk percussion

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