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moving breath  the bodymindspirit method by sheela raj\\india

ani choying drolma  buddhist nun and exceptional singer\\nepal

echoart  'festival musicale del mediterraneo' at genoa\\italy

soluna  spagyric remedies and cosmetic care series\\germany

light of nature  spagyric and ayurvedic cosmetics and skin care

alfio antico  traditional frame drums\percussion\vocals\\italy

uday bhawalkar  dhrupad vocal\\india

brigitte smith  visionary spiritual art\\germany

ray kaczynski  composer\drums\percussion\\usa

elke voltz  vocals\guitar\kick la luna\\germany

daniel perret  harp\keyboars\percussion\music+energy\\france

schlagwerk percussion  percussion instruments, hand made in germany

world society for protection of animals  welfare\protection of animals

friends of the earth europe  for the people, for the planet, for the future

emergency  free medical and surgical treatment to the civilian victims

mark lynas  climate change is happening right now

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