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innerSounds proposes workshops, training courses and sonic concerts, all focused on a deeper understanding of the different aspects of musical expression (sound\rhythm\instruments\voice) and the healing power of music.

set within the framework of an open, creative and playful atmosphere, innerSounds workshops, training courses and sonic concerts aim towards an inner approach of performing music, by integrating body, breath, movement, feeling and musical expression.

the 5 elements is a week long experimental training course using body, breath, sound and meditation, based on the ancient yogic\tantric practice.

the intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. we have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.

                                                                                          albert einstein

workshops\training courses

trans tala

introduces specific exercises based on India’s ancient science of rhythm, using hand clapping, reciting of rhythmic syllables, basic steppings and body expression...  read more

cajon la peru

is the ideal mobile companion for on the road and for unplugged sessions: it comes small, light weighted, handy, sounds like a drum set... 

read more

tibetan bowls

are excellent tools for sounding, healing work, meditation, and chanting, as well as a beautiful musical accompaniment... 

read more

overtone singing

is an adventurous, sacred, meditative and healing journey into our inner world by using the power of the voice and the breath...

read more

nada sadhana

includes exercises from both Yoga and the Indian musical tradition, but also draws on more recent holistic vocal experiences combining movement, breath and sound...   read more

the 5 elements

have been used' as a process to self evolution and spiritual growth. everything that we do or think is under the influence of the 5 elements earth\water\fire\ air\space ...  read more

the body and sound dimension

techniques are of vital importance for

musicians, dancers and actors when used as a preparation for their own technical practices... 

read more

sonic concert

is a unique musical event, in which the sound of a setting of various tibetan bowls, gongs and tubular bells blend together in a harmonious sound scape... 

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