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having facilitated circledrumevents at music festivals, at educational and therapeutical institutions and in the streets of italy during recent years, i was impressed and inspired by the participants' intensity, their attention span and playfulness. socio-cultural backgrounds and musical experience are not an issue here and age doesn't really matter.

a circledrumevent is a unique percussion experience where people gather in a circle to drum. improvised music, it is fun, healing, sharing feelings to the rhythm of the drum, an ‘art of the moment’ that ever creates itself anew.

the circledrumevent leads easily into drumming and percussion techniques with good sound and feeling. group drumming contributes to community building, stimulates musical and creative expression, intuition and improvisation. it reduces stress, makes you feel good and reinforces social relations. the participants learn how to listen to each other and experience a variety of beats and grooves.

the circledrumevent introduces the circle drum and provides immediate access to active music making and improvisation even without previous musical experience. it sounds great, creates a feeling of belonging and support.

the circledrumevent is facilitated from the center of the circle, using body language, rhythm signals and simple rhythm patterns to connect the group and help orchestrate the group’s musical potential.

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